Get your own personalized Filter on your Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok Account.




Get your own personalized Filter on your Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok Account.




Boost your Social Media Account with Filters

Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok Filters / Lenses are the best way to get more visibility on Social Media. It’s the only content that permits to people to use your content and share it on Social Media. You will use your community to promote your Social Media Account and give you the opportunity to be viral. Lookaar is the only platform where you can generate your Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok Filters / Lenses easily and really quickly. 

How it works ?

Step 1: Explore Filters Gallery

Step 2: Choose your Filter 

Step 3: Personalized it on our platform

Step 4: Get your filter on your account

Lookaar is the only platform able to generate your Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok Filters / Lenses without Social Media Augmented reality software. You can personalize your filter and upload it to your own account.

With Lookaar you can generate your Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok Filters / Lenses in less than 24 hours (business days). After you make your personalization, our platform will work on the creation of the filters and will send you quickly all you need to upload your Social Media Filter. ( Augmented reality file, Test link, Guide to importing the filter, and resources to boost your social media account).

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What's happen when I buy a filter ?

When you buy Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok Filters / Lenses on Lookaar you will receive directly an order confirmation by email with an invoice. Lookaar makes between 12 – 24 hours to generate your filters (business days) because all the filters are tested by the team before they send to guarantee you the best visual rendering. When the Social Media Filter is created and tested you will receive an email with the following element.

You will received

Filter File: 

Also called Augmented Reality File. It’s the source code of your filter. It will integrate the script of the filter and also all the assets. The file format will depend on the Social Media that you will choose. (Instagram Filter are made on Spark AR, Snapchat Filters / Lenses are made on Lens Studio and TikTok Filters are made on Effect House).

No worry, you don’t need to open it. Just drag & drop the file to import it. (computer needed.)

Test Link: 

Test Link or QR code test permit to test the filter before upload. Also, it permits to create a demo video of Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok Filters / Lenses.

Guide to import your Filter:

For each platform, we create a Guide where you can find easily all the informations to upload the Filters / Lenses on your Social Media Account.

Filters / Lenses Generated
Branded Effects Created
Impressions on Social Media
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About us

Lookaar is a subsidiary of Filter Maker, the biggest Augmented Reality Agency in the world. Filter Maker already creates Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok Filters / Lenses for the biggest brands (Starbucks, UFC, NHL, Louis Vuitton, Nespresso, etc.). Filter Maker is Snap AR Partner.

The difference between Lookaar and Filter Maker is that Filter Maker can work only for brands for fully customized filters, so humans will create the filters. On the contrary Lookaar work for a small budget, there are some limits on personalization, filters are generated automatically, and no human action is needed. That’s why Lookaar offers Instagram Snapchat & TikTok Filters / Lenses at the best price.


For which Social Media I can get a Filter ?

With Lookaar, you can get filters / Lenses on the 3 biggest Social Media platforms. When you will personalize your filter you can choose which Social Media you want to import the filter. Note that each Augmented Reality filter (Filter File) is dedicated to one Social Media Platform.



Instagram (from Meta) is the most famous Social Media Platform. The augmented reality software is Spark AR and the platform to see the insights of your filter is Spark AR Hub. Filters & Lenses are popular on Instagram, and anybody can import a filter on an account. (Following the Spark AR Policies).


Snapchat is the first platform that integrates filters/lenses on the mobile application. Filters are created on Lens Studio (AR Software). When you import a filter on Snapchat it is available on the application but also on Snap Camera. (Desktop App). So it’s possible to use your Filter on Twitch or other software of stream.


TikTok is actually the leading social media platform. More than 1B of users use the mobile application. Filters are created on Effect House (Augmented Reality Software). Importing a filter on a TikTok account is only possible since 2022. Note that you can’t import “Branded Effect” on the platform (with logo or brand elements of your brand).


Lookaar is the only platform that allows you to create Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok Filters / Lenses with no skills. You can make the creation directly on our platform. You will personalize your text (Fonts, Colors, etc…) and import your images (choose size, position, etc…) directly on Lookaar. You need a computer to import the Filters / Lenses on the Social Media platform.

We do our best to offer you the maximum type of Filters and personalization. You can on our Filters / Lenses gallery all available filters with Lookaar. You will see that we purpose the most popular filters on each platform.

After confirmation of the order, our platform will generate your filter between 12 – 24 (business days) to generate your filter. You will receive your Filter File, Test Link, Guide to import your filter on your account, and resources to boost your social media accounts. After the importation of the filter, you will have a “moderation delay” by each platform. Can take between 2h and 48h. 

Yes, it is possible to create a 100% customized filter. For this, you need to contact our agency Filter Maker.  A 100% custom filter, as its name indicates, allows you to create a filter that suits your image and special animations. Our teams will then work on it and the price of the filter will obviously be higher than what we offer with Lookaar. (Minimum $ 2k)

You can add whatever you want to your filter. The only thing to take care of is to follow the Social Media Policies. Instagram Filter Policies, Snapchat Filter Policies, TikTok Filter Policies. 

It depends on the type of filter that you choose. You can find all the filters/lenses pricing on our Filter Gallery. 

Lookaar generates your filter automatically, so you will have the best price on our platform.